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The answer to this question is provided by Oscar Alemán’s trajectory as a musician.

Born in Chaco, an Argentine province situated in the North of the country, he was far away from the big cities where jazz and new rhythms were blooming.

Being a self-taught person, Oscar Alemán made his way into France and other European countries.  This dark-haired man was able to obtain a unique sound and swing from his guitar, impressing the greatest jazz instrumentalists, most of them Americans.  No one was ever able to even said sound and swing.  He could be compared to Django Reinhardt.

Furthermore, his skills as a showman and as an artist added something special to his brilliant ability with the guitar.  Oscar was histrionic.
His natural approach to the language of jazz, in spite of his above mentioned origins, is a valid reason to write a book about his life.

Moreover, his comeback to his country, Argentina, led to an unbelievable popularity among jazz performers.

Despite years of ostracism, from the late 50’s up to the late 60’s, Alemán realized that his popularity and affection among his audience remained untouchable. He had fun on stage with his guitar and his audience until his lasts days.  He died in Buenos Aires on October in 1980.

Being able to master all rhythms, Oscar Alemán was, basically, and artist who found his way to develop his talent through a guitar.

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