The origins of Oscar Alemán, his childhood in the province of Chaco and in Buenos Aires, and his strip to Brazil.
His association with Gastón Bueno Lobo and the formation of the Les Loup duet.
His comeback to Buenos Aires and subsequent trip to Europe with Bueno Lobo, both hired by the Harry Flemming company.
His stay in the old continent performing by himself or along with Freddy Taylor and Hill Coleman, as a musician and director of the Josephine Baker band.
His comeback to Argentina after the beginning of World War II. The time when he became the king of the local night. His performances in radio, television and the main boites and nightclubs in Buenos Aires.
The twilight of the 60´s, when a complicated personal situation and the appearance of rock & roll kicked him off the stage.
His triumphant return in the 70´s, and the acknowledgement and tribute his figure deserved.
Discography, jam sessions and filmography.
All accompanied by the testimony of one of the authors, who was a student and friend of Oscar Alemán, and even played live with him twice.

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The talent and trajectory of Oscar Aleman deserved a piece of work which reflected his significance as a jazzman both in Europe and Argentina.

"Tribute to Oscar Alemán is the first book on the personal and artistic life of this musician, a masterpiece which is fully illustrated with unknown photos"

This work is the result of years of investigation and passion for jazz.  It shows every stage of the life of Oscar Alemán: his hard childhood in the province of Chaco, Buenos Aires and Brazil; his first job as a professional with the Les Loups duet, along with Gastón Bueno lobo; his stay in Europe, playing alone, with different bands and even making the arrangements and directing the Josephine Baker orchestra.  His comeback to Argentina, where he became the king of the local night for quite a long time.  The twilight of the 60´s, when the new rock & roll let him off the battle.   And, finally, his triumphant return and acknowledgement in the 70´s.

This piece of work is complemented with its discography, jam sessions and his filmography, and is illustrated with unpublished photographs property of the Haynes archive (material on Oscar Alemán which was acquired by the authors), the personal archive or Ms. Carmen Vallejos (Oscar’s wife for almost ten years) an his family and other sources.

Guillermo José Iacona
Estanislao María Iacona
José Alberto Iacona

  Tributo a Oscar Alemán